Projects & Needs

We are working with many orphanages, both government and private, in Western Ukraine.  There are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of children between these orphanages.  

To stay most current on what we are doing visit our Oksana’s Harvest Facebook page and Instagram.

Clothing, coats, shoes and boots are needed

Orphans are always in need of new to them good quality clothing, coats, boots, shoes, hats, mittens and more.  We are always collecting these and periodically send over shipments.  To date we have shipped thousands of pounds over. If you have something you would like to donate, please contact us for the closest drop off location.  To help fund shipping or provide funds to purchase new winter wear for orphans donate through our website and specify what project your donation is to go towards.


Both good quality and good translations of Ukrainian and Russian children’s and adult Bibles are always needed.  To date we have been privileged to hand out hundreds to orphans.  We can purchase them in Ukraine for $7.20 Canadian and up depending on the exchange rates at the time.  You can donate to this need through our website.

Agriculture Projects

We build greenhouses at Orphanages that qualify to take part in our program. The purpose is to provide good food for the orphans and to train them in a skill they can take with them when they start life on their own.

We also have built a chicken coop and a root cellar.

To date we have three greenhouses, one chicken coop and one root cellar.

We are always planning our future projects one to two years out. To help fund a project you can donate on our website and specify what the donation is for.  To take part in a short term mission trip doing a building project contact us to find out how to apply.

Other Projects

Many other small and medium size projects are done such as repairs to orphanages; providing equipment such as hot water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines; school supplies; sanitation supplies; paint; and more.  To help toward one of these projects feel free to donate online and specify the project you want to help with.

Christmas Packages

We help provide Christmas packages for around 500 children at orphanages. These include sanitation supplies; treats; and more.  Each package costs under $5 per orphan.  To help brighten an orphan’s Christmas donate today!

Summer Camps

We partner with ministries that run summer camps for orphans and other needy children. Over 100,000 children are impacted every summer from these camps.  To send an orphan to camp for two weeks costs around $70. Please consider donating to send one or more orphans to summer camp.  Also, if you would like to travel to Ukraine and help run a summer camp, please contact us for more details and for the application process.

Missionary Support

Indigenous Ukrainian missionaries are being trained and sent forth.  Many, many towns in Ukraine have no church. There is a great need for support for these missionaries. Please consider an ongoing monthly donation of $75 – 100 to support one.  If you would like more information on an area of Ukraine you wish to support a missionary in, let us know.

Aged out Orphans

At 16 years old, orphans age out of the system. They are provided government support to attend a technical school.  They are not ready to live on their own at this age and need guidance and a supportive environment.  We are working with partners to help in this area.  However, it is a big mission and there are always many needs.  To help support this part of the ministry you can donate through our website.